Water, you have no taste, nor colour, nor flavour, you cannot be defined. One tastes you, without knowing you. You are not essential for life, you are life. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

We are very concerned about the value of life; we dedicate utmost attention and care to any proposal allowing transport of water and a comprehensive system from the spring to the consumer.

The company's strength is based on a wide and long-time expertise. It has been built up in the manufacturing and supply fields for the water infrastructures, and this in relation with well known groups. Further, the expertise of our first class partners creates synergy to develop innovative products meeting today's requirements.

Water Technology Solution offers solutions with coated products adapted for any soil and fluid, taking specific requirements into account.

The company offers, by default, only products from European companies certified ISO 9000 and products in conformity with EN 545 standard for Drinking water transport, EN 598 for Sewerage and EN 877 for cast iron soil pipe for building drainage.